Getting started with Concord Straw Pellets is easy.

For a 12×12 stable use 6-8 bags to create the initial bed.

The straw pellets will break down under the horses hooves over a few days, alternatively you can add water to the pellets to speed up this process. The pellets will break down in to a fibre, creating a super comfy, cushioned bed.

Remove droppings daily and wet patches as they become visible.

On average you will use 1-2 bags per week to top up the bed.

Concord Straw Pellets are great quality, quick and easy to use, super absorbent and cut down on odours.

For any help or questions please contact Rosie 07837402876.


  • We recommend using a fynalite fork or similar to remove the wet patches and the droppings.
  • We recommend using the concord rake to rake over the bed once you have removed the droppings and wet patches. This is to help remove any missed droppings and hay. We find the concord rake makes a huge difference in maintaining the bed keeping it looking super clean and fresh as well as rejuvenating the top layer of the bed.